Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl

        Students should read Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl by Rachel Renee Russell. It is funny, and has pictures to visualize what is happening in the story.

        This book is very entertaining. The main character Nikki goes through things that could actually happen in real life. The author adds sarcasm and hilarious illustrations to help the reader picture what is going on. Nikki Maxwell has to go to two parties on Halloween Night because she is the chairperson of her school dance, and she volunteers to help at her little sister’s ballet party. She has to go back and forth between the parties, and has to wear a rat costume! Students should read it because it is an entertaining book that kids would want to read.

        Some teachers may think it is too easy of a book since it is a graphic novel, but there are some words like “ritzy” that I had to look up the definition for. “Her birthday party was at a ritzy country club.” (Ritzy means fancy.) The book also has experiences that could actually happen in real life like going to a Halloween dance, volunteering for something, and keeping secrets from friends. Teachers shouldn't worry about this book being too easy. The pictures make the story more interesting, so kids want to finish the book. They also make the book even funnier.

        Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl is a hilarious book. The pictures keep the student interested in reading. The next time you go to the library, I suggest you check out this book.

The Tale of Despereaux

        The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo was about a small mouse with big ears on a quest to help the princess. Despereaux fell in love after meeting princess Pea, and after breaking mice rules, he is sent to the deep, dark, rat filled dungeon. Meanwhile, Mig the serving girl (who wants to be a princess) meets Roscuro, an ugly rat, in the dungeon. Roscuro explains Mig his plan to keep the princess in the dungeon forever, so Mig can be the princess. After escaping the dungeon and hearing Roscuro’s plan, Despereaux goes to save the princess. Despereaux creeps through the kitchen past Cook, loses his tail, just to get a needle and some thread. He journeys past rats that want to eat him, skeletons, humans, and mice on his way to save his beloved. My favorite character was Despereaux because he was brave and determined. He was brave to go back into the dungeon with no help and determined to complete his quest.

        I would recommend this book to someone who likes fairy tales or adventures with a twist of romance. I enjoyed The Tale of Despereaux, and I hope you do to.


         I highly recommend reading the book Sisters by Raina Telgemeier. It is about Raina, her mom, her brother Will, and her sister Amara, going on a three-week road trip from San Francisco to Colorado and back, while their dad takes an airplane. Many bad things happen such as scorching heat, a broken down car, cousins that don’t remember her, and a snake loose in the car. This book also has many funny flashbacks from when the siblings were little. Raina and Amara argue the whole car trip. Raina learns to live with her sister, annoying or not, for the sake of their family’s happiness.

         My favorite character is Raina, because she is funny, and loves to draw. The graphic novel is hilarious, and I can relate to parts of it such as wanting a sibling, and being afraid of snakes. The theme that the book repeats is that family is the most important thing in life because you can always depend on them for help and unconditional love. My favorite moment is when Raina and Amara find the snake in the car, and they work together to catch it in a bag. Someone who wants siblings, likes humor, has been/is going on a road trip, or someone who likes drama in everyday life would like to read this book.