Bone: Rock Jaw
        Hello, fantasy and comic book lovers everywhere! Today, I’m going to talk about Bone: Rock Jaw. The story begins with two cousins named Fone and Smiley who have a baby rat creature to return to his kind. As Fone Bone makes the “best the ever to exist” to Smiley (or a sandwich), Smiley teaches the cub how to take a nap while he says to Fone how boring Moby Dick is. Fone tries to disagree with this. All of a sudden, vicious rat creatures come to attack Fone and Smiley. Smiley suggests that Fone reads Moby Dick. Fone feeling insulted starts to read anyway. Sure enough, the rat creatures got bored out of their minds and fall unconscious. Fone and Smiley take the rat creature cub and run before the rat creatures notice they’re gone. The exact opposite happened.
        The Bones ran as fast as they could go and eventually the rat creatures lost track of the Bones. They climb up a rock mountain to safety to only find out there’s a talking mountain lion. He says his name is Rogue Ja even though the Bones call him “Rock Jaw”. The mountain lion says he hates rat creatures and says something about picking a side. Fone and Smiley barely know what he’s talking about. The sides are the rat creature side and the dragon side. Fone and Smiley decide to leave but Rogue Ja tries to catch them so that he can take them with him to do something.
        The Bones and the rat cub hang on for dear life as Rogue Ja finds them. He says to hand over the rat cub. While Smiley disapproves of this, Fone suggests they hand over the cub. What will become of the Bones and the cub? Read the story to find out. Now, let's discuss why you should get this book. 
        Obviously, it has tons of enjoyable fantasy like dragons and human like death creatures, the story is full of intense mystery and excitement with a little bit of emotion and the characters can be cared for. The story never gets dull and stays consistent while still transitioning from time to time to let you know what’s up. The book is also imaginative with it’s pictures and dialogue. Some of the books swear sometimes but if you get past that, it’s not a big deal. If you like fantasy comic books, pick this up. It’s perfect for readers who like the fantasy comic genre. Trust me, get this book, it’s worth your time.

Dork Diaries 4 

        I recommend that your read Dork Diaries 4. Yep, Dork Diaries. The girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This book was made by Rachel Renee Russell. Now, so far I have only read the fourth book in the series because it was available. I don’t know if I will read more in the future but only time will. Anyway, the plot is there’s this event coming up called Holiday on Ice. It’s also for charity and the main character Nikki and her friends Chloe and Zoey try to enter. Her crush Brandon works at a place called Fuzzy Friends. The owner of the place broke his leg and Fuzzy Friends can’t really survive without an owner. Nikki decides to enter the Holiday on Ice event to raise enough money to help Fuzzy Friends. But Nikki doesn’t skate very well, and maybe not even a week after she quits because of her lousy skating skills. How Fuzzy Friends will survive is a mystery up to this point. The book is pretty good actually. Since it’s like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it contains moments of embarrassment and misery for Nikki. She solves her problems every now and then and shares parts of her life. If you are a fan of the diary of a wimpy kid books male or female or like diary based books, I recommend giving the Dork Diaries series a shot.

Dork Diaries 3

        I highly recommend Dork Diaries 3. Yes, this is another Dork Diaries book. In this adventure, Nikki sees a poster for the talent show coming up shortly. She gets excited and tells her friends Chloe and Zoey about how exciting it would be if they performed. But unfortunately, if you have read most of Nikki’s adventures, you know very well that her arch enemy Mackenzie likes to ruin everything for Nikki and sometimes get her nearly in some deep doo doo. Mackenzie tries her best to humiliate Nikki and that’s what she did. When Nikki and her sister went to Queasy Cheesey, they were performing the theme for Queasy Cheesey. It was all fun and games until Mackenzie showed up and took out her “weapon” (cell phone) to record footage of Nikki doing little kids stuff and eventually post it on YouTube. When that was over, Nikki checked to see if Mackenzie uploaded the video. She checked and checked for a long time. Nikki thought Mackenzie was trying to scare her and was calm… until she checked again next morning to find out that now the video was uploaded. Nikki did not approve. AT ALL. 

        Then, Mackenzie let loose some bugs in the school so that Nikki’s dad would come and get rid of the bugs because somehow Mackenzie knew Nikki’s dad was a bug exterminator and he was pretty silly. Not willing to be embarrassed the next day, Nikki doesn’t tell her dad anything about the bug problem. But that was a bad idea because when Nikki got home one day, she found tuition bill that had a hefty price of $3,000! Nikki was mind blown in a bad way. Now how would Nikki handle school? Will she be in the talent show which has a scholarship to keep Nikki back in school? Read the book yourself to find out. 

        My favorite part in this book is when Nikki performs on stage in the big moment of truth of whether she’ll stay in school or not. Both Mackenzie and Nikki did a great performance but only one can win. Read the book yourself to find out. Now before you ask, no, I do not have a favorite character. But if there’s one character I would like as a more evil character. it would be Mackenzie. She’s perfect for a villain because she’s insulting, makes people look dumb, make other people look like the culprit, and more villain like characteristics. I guess the theme of this story is, even if you don’t win, at least have fun. Two people I would recommend this book to are Jordan and Hailey. If you haven’t read this book, get it and read it. It’s a really good book.

Bone: Rose

        I would highly recommend Bone: Rose. Now, this is actually not a Dork Diary book for one thing. Second, this is actually a spinoff of sorts in the Bone series. The story starts off with two princesses named Rose and Briar practicing the use of their dream eye which is capable of seeing dreams as applied. Rose is okay at best with her eye, but Briar is utterly useless due to the fact that her dream eye is blind, The parents of the two princesses are requested to come to old man’s cave to be tested with their dream eyes. After the test, Rose and Briar are sent home. Rose has a dream where there’s a little dragon caught in a river in danger of drowning. Rose the sweet person she is decides to save the little dragon from a watery fate. The dragon tells Rose to follow him into a mysterious cave where there were hooded people standing. Rose noticed Briar as one of them and woke up in horror. Rose decided to skip class today and later finds out that the dragon she saved is actually real. Only, the dragon was bigger and a bit more mean unlike how he was in Rose’s dream. The dragon tries to kill rose but fails in doing so. Rose is noticed missing from class and is sent back by one of the good dragons in the world. Rose tells her teacher who helps with her dream eye but not with all the details. 

        What will become of this mysterious dragon and the human race? Read the rest of the book to find out about what happens next. My favorite character is oddly Rose. She always wants to do the right thing (besides a few occasions), she’s kind and can stand up for herself most of the time. This is a good book for Bone fans and fans of fantasy with an intense story behind the adventure. Pick up this book, you won’t be disappointed.