The Fault in Our Stars

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”. Do you like sad, romantic books? If so, The Fault in Our Stars is for you. I definitely think everyone should read the book The Fault in Our Stars because it has great reviews and has a strong message within it.  

I think there are many reasons people should read the book The Fault in Our Stars. To me and many other people, the book is very inspiring. It shows that you should live in the moment, and not think about what might happen later. Also, it shows that life could be a struggle. You shouldn’t think that everything will end up perfect. I think the book is greatly  written, and other people do too. Since I think that, I believe people will enjoy this book. The average rating is 5 stars! It has had praise from many New York Times bestselling authors.

I know that some people think that The Fault in Our Stars is only for young adults. Although I think sixth graders should read it. I believe that if you have mature reading skills you are most likely able to read it. Also, the story, like I said, has a very strong and good message. Therefore, sixth graders should be able to read it. Even though most people; especially sixth graders, don’t go through the things characters went through in the book, they should still be able to connect or relate to the story in a certain way.

I think everyone should definitely read The Fault in Our Stars. The book has multiple strong messages that are very inspiring. People may think that sixth graders shouldn’t be reading The Fault in Our Stars, but I think there are many reasons sixth graders should be able to read it. YOu should read this book as soon as possible!

I am Malala

        I think you should definitely read the book I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. It is an autobiography about a teenage girl from Pakistan who stands up for education… but she pays the price. Malala has been doing public speaking since she was 11. She lives in a small town called Swat, which is in the country of Pakistan. Pakistan is in the middle east, which is not a very wealthy place. Girls aren’t supposed to go to school there, but Malala doesn’t think that is right. Her parents were lucky enough to get her into a school that girls were allowed in. One day, when she was riding the bus home from school, her life changed. A man was outside the bus asking, “Who is Malala?” Then, everyone on the bus looked at her. The man pulled out a gun and fired in Malala’s way. He hit Malala in the shoulder and on her face beside her eye. It also hit her friend. You will find out what happens next after you read the book.

        My favorite character is Malala because she is brave and she can stand up for herself. She has done public speaking about how girls should be able to go to school and that they have the same rights as boys. She also was the youngest nominee for the nobel peace prize. That’s impressive!

I think someone that likes sad nonfiction stories, autobiographies, or stories about someone important should read this book.


        I recommend reading the book Divergent, by Veronica Roth. It is a story about Beatrice Prior, and how one choice can totally transform you. In a future Chicago, there are five factions to keep the city civil. The factions are Candor, Amity, Erudite, Dauntless, and Abnegation. Beatrice was born Abnegation, but she can choose any faction she wants when choosing day arrives. One day a year, all sixteen year olds take a test to determine what faction they should choose. On choosing day, they could leave their family to be in a different faction. Beatrice decides to betray her family by being Dauntless, which means brave. There are initiations where you have to do hard core tests to see if you can stay in that faction. When becoming Dauntless, Beatrice changed her name to Tris, and she became more and more brave as the initiations continued. She met an instructor, Four, and they ended up falling in love later in the book. She came in first place at the initiation ceremony, but that was only because she was Divergent, which means that you are more than one faction. As you read the rest of the book, you will realize how Divergents are a threat to the system and what happens when the Abnegation and Erudite battle.

        My favorite character is Tris because she is very brave. She is not afraid to be Divergent and she fought back boys that were much stronger than her. I like Tris also because she still is Abnegation and very respectful. She fights for people that she loves and is very nice to anyone she loves. I like this book so much because it is written very well, has a lot of parts with a lot of suspension, and I love all of the things going on.

        One of the themes of the book is that you shouldn’t doubt yourself, because you might be able to accomplish something. I think this ties in with the story because Tris doesn’t think she can make it through initiation, but not only she finishes it, she comes in first place. Another theme is that you should give people a chance, because they might seem mean, but if you get to know them you might end up liking them. This relates to the story because Tris thought Four was a mean instructor, but Tris ended up liking him because he actually was nice. You should read this book if you like action, adventure, suspense, or futuristic books. I love this book and I hope you do too!