Famous Last Words
        My book is Famous Last Words. This book is about a girl named Willa, who has to move into a new house. (mansion, actually.) Then, she hears about the Hollywood killer and she gets really scared, even though she knows that the killer only murders pretty, famous, actor girls. Suddenly, she start seeing things and going through weird, seizure-like moments, when she feels like she is the target and the killer is torturing her. She is also seeing words on the walls, rose petals everywhere and lots more. But… nobody else sees it. Read and find out the reason of these freaky moments, ghostly happening, and find out who the Hollywood killer is. I recommend for people who like mysteries, hair raising stories, and least expected endings.

The Raft
        You should really read The Raft.  In the book, there is a girl named Robbi, and she is staying with her aunt, AJ. AJ left to go on a business trip, so Robbi had to stay at AJ’s house. Alone. Robbi got scared and wanted to go home. While she was on the plane going home, the plane broke down when they were over the ocean. When you read the book, you will figure out how she gets out, how she survives the deep, dark, freezing cold ocean with sharks inside of it. Also, you will figure out who dies, who survives, and how they survive. I hope you enjoy the book! I recommend this for people who like survival books and sad stories. 

The Fault in Our Stars
        My book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green I think you should read it. It is a very good book. Are you a kind of person that likes drama, romance, and sad stories? If so, this book is for you.
        This book is pretty sad. A girl named Hazel has lung cancer. She has to go through life, living with a tube below her nose to help her breathe. It has romance in it also. She goes to a cancer support group and meets a boy. His name is Augustus Waters (Gus). Gus has cancer in his leg. They talked for a while, and they went on some dates. Gus wants to bring Hazel to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction.  
        Some people may think this book is for adults, but i read it. It has a lot of lessons that need to be taught to kids. It is a very good book to learn from. It helps you learn that if, someone you love, leaves or passes away, you can still be yourself. Also that people with cancer, lives aren't as bad as we think. People with cancer have as much fun as any other person in the world. Just because someone has cancer, it doesn't mean they need to be judged or teased. They need support, just like us.
        This book is filled with great things. It is a book you won’t want to put down. It helps you remember that you need to respect people, no matter the difference. It also is full of love and care for one and other. Remember they can't help they are different.