The Clique
Do you like reading about cliques or rich girls? Well, these books have all of that, and even more. I think every girl should read these books because they are really good. In this series there is five girls who are best friends named Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire.
In these books, Claire Lyons moves from Orlando, Florida to Westchester, New York. She moves into Massie Block’s guest house. At first when Claire moves to New York, Massie can’t stand Claire because she has unfashionable clothes and a bad haircut. At the end of the first book Claire, Massie, and Massie’s three other friends all become friends. In the rest of the books, all the girls have fun, funny, and scary experiences together. They even go to Hollywood. One of the girls becomes a star, but you have to read the books to find out who it was.
        Some people might think these books are for older kids. In my opinion, they might be for fifth grade and up. In some parts of the books, there is young adult parts. But the whole series together isn't so bad. I think all girls should read these books because they are funny and informative. If you think they are young adult, read just the first one because it’s not young adult at all.
So, read this series and get one of the books as soon as possible. You will love the series and then you can read all of the books. So get the whole series as soon as you can!

Lock and Key
        I really like Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. It’s about a girl named Ruby who has to go live with her sister Cora (who has been gone for ten years) and her husband Jamie because her mother abandoned her. She has been on her own for a while until her landlords find her and bring her to Social Security, until she can live with Cora. She has to switch schools to a private school and she makes a new friend Nate. Ruby is wondering where her mother is but she also doesn’t care. Read the book to find out where her mother is and why Nate is acting odd around Ruby. I recommend this book to girls who like long books and who like to feel like they’re in the book!

Home for the Holidays
        Becca’s dad lost his job and Jess broke her leg and has to cancel her trip to switzerland. They think everything is going to go downhill from there and the book club wants to help. Becca hasn’t told anyone except her best friend Megan about her dad, but Megan wants to help Becca, not keep it a secret and so she tells the book club. Becca is so mad at Megan and so she ignores her. Jess goes to her aunt and uncles house and she meets a boy. Emma is mad at Jess because she thinks Jess is lying to her brother because Jess and Emma’s brother Darcy are dating. Read the book to how and if they solve their problems.