The Death Cure
        Doesn't everyone love reading? And did you all know that just 6 minutes of reading could reduce stress by 68%? But there is one book that is amazing and popular and if a book is popular it is obviously good! This book is called The Death Cure the 3rd book in the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner. I think that everyone should read The Death Cure.
        The Death Cure also is good because it teaches people that teamwork is needed because it teaches that when the deadly flare is introduced into the world then Thomas and his companions seek to save the human race from the flare and even if they didn't successfully save the people left on earth they still saved the human race from dying out completely.
        Some people might think that it is too scary (and I agree because this happened to me) if you read it at night but, but it really isn't if you read it during daylight hours.
        Remember to check this book out next time you see it at the library or buy it at a bookstore near you it most likely will be there because of its popularity. I think that this book should be read by all of us and remember that it is not scary during daytime.

        This book is about a boy named Alex Rider and he goes on a mission for MI6, the English spying organization. Alex Rider has to find out what is so suspicious about Scorpia, a terrorism organization. Alex soon finds out that Scorpia is planning on a plan that is called "Invisible Sword." Alex tries to figure out what it really is. As it turns out, Invisible Sword could lead to over 10,000 deaths, but what is "Invisible Sword," and how will Alex stop it? I liked this book because it has a lot of fast moving action other than very slow explanatory information that for me is mostly a waste of time. I think a n active person will really enjoy this book.