I really like the book Frindle. He really likes to liven things up at school, and he's always had plenty of great ideas. When Nick learns some interesting information about how words are created suddenly, he's got the best inspiration ever… the frindle! I recommend this to a person who likes to laugh a lot. 

        This book is about a girl whose parents have passed away. She goes to live with her aunt. When she arrives, she expects a pretty room and to be free, but she got the attic and torn up walls. She had to do chores all day. She finds a boy she really liked but he never noticed her. Read to find out what Pollyanna will do to get his attention.

Famous Last Words
        Have you ever wondered how it's like to see things that aren't there? The book Famous Last Words is a great book because it talks about how a girl hears voices and sees bodies that are not even there. 
        It all started by when her dad past away when she was little. Her mother went to live with an actress, so they moved to Hollywood. Willa (the girl) found a ring and a book next to a candle on her desk. Late at night Willa put the ring on and lit the candle. She wanted to see if she could talk to her dad’s spirit. She started reading out of the book and she hear voices telling it was all her fault. She didn't understand. She heard a knock on the door, she took the ring off without saying goodbye. At the door was her mom, and when Willa was talking to her, she felt like somebody was touching her back. That night she wanted to take a swim in her pool, while she was swimming, she saw a body with long black hair and pale skin. The body dragged her to the bottom on the pool trying to drown her. Later, she finds out there is someone or something living in the same house  with her… she gets weird feelings everyday. She gets signs, like blood in the pool, and writings on her walls. Willa went to knock on a door and meet a boy. He seemed a bit strange, but Willa started to have a crush on him, the next day she she hears voices all over her house. It all started when she wanted to stay in contact with her dad’s spirit. Will she stay alive? Read to find out! 
        This book should be a requirement to read in class. It would be more interesting than an old book. I understand this book may be too freaky or weird, but with people who have big minds would love this. This book is for young adults, so I believe that kids in 8th or 7th grade should read this book.