Among The Hidden

        I highly recommend the book Among the Hidden by Margerat Peterson Haddix. It's the first book in a sequel about this boy who lives in this place where you can’t have more than two kids because the government thinks that they will run out of food. So Luke, the main character who is a third child, is forced to hide his whole life. So, basically Luke doesn't even exist. He is not even allowed to go outside and has never been anywhere but his own house. Worst of all, if the government finds out that he is alive, they will kill him. Luke thinks that he will never go outside again until one day he is peaking through the window and sees this one girl looking out the window of her house, Jen. She is a third child just like him. Luke's father calls them barons. So Luke decides to sneak over and meet her and that choice changes his life forever. I love this book so much because it has a lot of times where you think he is going to get in trouble or get caught. It also has a lot of risk in it. I think that someone who likes books that have a lot of risk and heroic characters will love this book and the sequel. This is my most favorite book of all time.

Along For The Ride

        I recommend the book Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen. In the Beginning of the book a girl named Auden is spending her summer with her dads new family.. She has a routine where she stays up all night visiting restaurants and going different places. Then in the morning she goes to sleep and in the evening she goes to work and it restarts. She is having trouble fitting in with her family and has to navigate all the girls crushes at her work. Then she meets a boy named Eli and he also has the same schedule as her. She realizes that she is perfect for him. Then a prom comes up and she asks Eli,what will he say? They have all night to have fun so what will he say?

        I love this book so much because it is a romantic story. It has exactly in a book that I look for. Every thing happens at the right time and its very entertaining. One theme that I really like is “don't judge a book by its cover.” When Auden First saw Eli she saw girls giving him pity looks and she noticed that he always wore the same clothes, but when she met him it turns out he is not always like that. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance. This book is for people who like to read a lot and romantic people.

History Alive

        Do you ever want to learn more about history? Did you ever want to know everything about history so you can pass your test? Well if you want the perfect history book, you should read History Alive. It has all the information that you need for your projects and tests. It also has all the 6th grade things that you need to know about history.

        When you need help on your worksheet or on your test, you can just open up your book and find the answer. The history book has all of the history things that you should know by the end of sixth grade. On each page it talks about something new and gives you full detail and it also gives some vocabulary words. Plus the test book has a total of 37 chapters and each chapter is based on something new in the ancient times. If that doesn't satisfy you then it has the answers to all the papers that you have to do.

         Most people say that history is unneeded. I disagree. History is needed everywhere. The better you know your history, the better job you can have. You can understand when people talk about the past. Especially when your grandparents always talk about what you learned in school, you can easily remember what you read and get yourself out of a weird conversation. Plus it would help you with your homework.

        If you read this book you would know more about history. Or you would learn everything on the tests. Plus it has all the answers to your assignments and projects. Your teacher will be very satisfied because you would know everything about history. So pick that book up at the school library and check that book out!!!