The Face on The Milk Carton
        I think you should read The Face on The Milk Carton. This is because the book is very good and exciting. This book is about a girl with life that is so complicated to the point where she cannot eat anything without feeling like she is gonna throw up.
        The Face on The Milk Carton is a book about a girl (Janie) who one finds her face on a milk carton as a kidnapped child. With her 16th birthday coming up, Janie needs a birth certificate, and her parents become more and more stressed as the day gets closer. Finally Janie confronts her parents and finds out they have a story of their own. In this book Janie tries to find out who she is and who she really wants to be without hurting her “kidnapping” parents. This book goes deeply into the emotion of a teenager who has found out she was kidnapped 12-13 years before. The Face on The Milk Carton is both happy and sad as Janie tries to figure out her life story -- or at least the one would’ve had. You need to read this book. It is full of mystery and tragedy to the two families involved.
        You may say that this is a girly book but it’s not. This book has equal involvement with boys and girls, as you know Janie is a teenage girl and like any other teenager her life has lot to do with boys. For example, Reeve, the boy next door, comes to Janie's attention. You also might say that the book is to sad but again it’s not. The Face on The Milk Carton has as many happy moments as sad. Think this book would be too dramatic? No, it actually is something that could really happen in life even though it is very rare it could happen. So this really is the perfect book.
        I think you should read The Face on The Milk Carton. This is because the book is very good and exciting. This book is about a girl with life that is so complicated to the point where she cannot eat anything without feeling like she is gonna throw up. That is why I think you should read this book and I think it would fit you perfectly if you just try it.

Eagle Strike
        I recommend reading Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider, a 14-year-old British spy, is on his own this time without any gadgets or MI6: special operations. Without Smithers, or MI6, Alex is on his own, but Alex is sure his theory is correct even though MI6 won’t believe it. The trip is planned, and everything is in place. But, is Alex really ready? Will Alex survive?  This book is full of action. Something that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the last has died down. I recommend this book to people who are ready for and love action.

The Bully

by Paul Langan


        Darrell Mercer is moving…. to California. It would be a different story if it was across town, but across country? Darrell is devastated not only is he leaving his friends and the only place he has ever known he is leaving safety. Darrell is short and skinny, small, especially for his age. He had Malik, who was big, strong and on the football team, to protect him. Knowing that he does not like his uncle and there will be bullies, Darrell is scared to go. Darrell was right his uncle makes him feel bad about his size and the first person he meets is Tyray Hobbs. Tyray is a bully who thinks Darrell is the perfect one to pick on. Rodney, Tyray’s side kick makes it worse he laughs at everything making Darrell feel even worse. But Darrell also meets Amberlynn a pretty girl that is super nice to Darrell… sometimes. One day walking home from the supermarket, Tyray, Rodney and another kid rip Darrells shopping bag and smash his oranges because he had no money. After a while of struggling with the ripped bag and the oranges, Mrs. Davis an old lady walking by helps with the bag. Then she tells Darrell to please be friends with Harold her grandson because he is quiet, shy and lonely. Finally, Darrell has a friend to sit with at lunch and to talk to. Every friday Darrell has to pay Tyray his lunch money for the week or “things will get worse” as Tyray says. Darrell decides to go ask Mr. Mitchell for help. Mr. Mitchell gives Darrell a book and he tells to pay attention to how Brian the main character changes throughout the book. Starting by doing push ups Darrell wants to change.

        Walking through the hall Darrell sees a sign that says something about wrestling. Harold doesn’t think Darrell should join the wrestling team. Darrell is about to agree when he thinks about something Harold just said “If I were you” then Darrell knows he is going to join. Will Darrell stick up for himself or will he continue to hide, give away his lunch money and be bullied by Tyray Hobbs? Now it is your  turn to join Darrell as he deals with life in California. Read the book to find out what happens next.

Favorite Person:

        My favorite person is Darrell. I like Darrell because at first he is small and scared. Then between wrestling and Hatchet Darrell builds himself up to find a whole new person.


        #1) If you really want and can put your mind to it you can accomplish almost anything.

        #2) Never give good or bad.


        I recommend this book to almost anyone, especially someone who is or has dealt with bullying. This book will help you bullying see in a different way. Not just mean, scarey people intimidating you, but someone that can be shot down by only one thing, standing up for yourself. Use this book to encourage yourself just like Darrell did with Hatchet.