The Odyssey

        I highly recommend reading The Odyssey. It is about Zeus being mad at the mortals of how they always blame the gods about how they got sick or almost died. But Odysseus is a warrior and he saved many lives in the Trojan War. Now he is stuck on an island with Calypso and she will not let Odysseus free. As Hermes races down to tell Calypso to let Odysseus free from her, she is very upset and angry as she is yelling. She thought about it for a few hours as Hermes left. Calypso decided to free Odysseus. She helped him built the raft. So Odysseus left that morning before dawn. Some of the gods did not appreciate freeing him from Calypso like Poseidon so he decided to make a huge storm and Odysseus almost drowned but a mermaid saved his life and for the rest of his journey came pain and almost death. But Odysseus made it home to his wife and son and the story goes on.


        Grounded by Kate Klise is about a girl named Dolly. Her family got into a terrible accident, and now it is  just her mom and her. Dolly's mom has to get a new job and she becomes a hairstyles and is a funeral body preparer. Dolly gets a new summer job doing kids' hair. But soon a mysterious man comes to Dolly's home town and has fallen in love with dolly’s aunt and he brought in a new company and it is exactly like a funeral home but the body is burned into ashes. But dolly finds out that the ashes smell like burnt rolls and something is very strange money donating to the very strange man in town and then dolly found out that the man has been stealing and telling a lot of death stories. Is it to late to save her aunt,her self and the rest of the town?????

        My favorite characters are Dolly. She is brave, heroic, and is kind. She is brave in the scariest times, heroic to save the whole town and kind to many people that can have issues like her. One theme of the book is that, it is summer most of the time and the book takes about 9 months to a year. I think that someone that likes detectives and mysterious books should read this book!!!