The Snow Queen 
       I recommend the book The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. It's about a little girl named Gerda and a little boy named Kay. This book is about Gerda’s journey of how she saved Kay from the snow queen. During the summer, Kay and Gerda went and played in the backyard they shared. When winter came, Gerda and Kay looked through their windows at each other because it was too cold to come outside. One night Kay got into warm clothes and went outside to the park. While he was there, the snow queen came by in her sled and asked Kay if he wanted a ride, he hopped in, and she took him to her kingdom of snow. When Gerda figured out Kay was missing she immediately started to search. Gerda could talk to birds and flowers. She asked a crow were Kay was and the crow led the way. During Gerda's journey there are a lot of obstacles. Read The Snow Queen to figure out what happens to Gerda, and if she saves Kay before he freezes. If you like adventure and fiction books The Snow Queen is the book for you.

Heaven is for Real

I recommend Heaven is for Real by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo. It is about a little boy named Colton, who needs to have surgery because something is wrong with him. While the doctors are doing surgery his heart waves start going down, Colton's dad is a pastor of a christian church, so he starts praying and hoping that God won’t take Colton. During Colton's surgery he died, and went to heaven. Colton Got to meet God, Jesus, his grandpa and even his little sister that he never knew he had. Colton got to talk to Jesus, and Jesus told Colton that he is going to send Colton back to earth, because he is going to answer his fathers prayer. Meanwhile back down on earth, Colton's heart waves stopped, the doctors gave up. Out of the blue Colton's heart started beating again, the doctors immediately started working on him again, and they successfully finished Colton's operation. Read this book to find out what happens when Colton's family finds out Colton's journey.

My favorite part was when Colton went to heaven, and how heaven was described. One theme I came across is HEAVEN IS FOR REAL! I recommend this book to anyone who christian and anyone who wants to become Christian.

The Math Textbook
Have you ever wanted to learn about math? Have you had a math test and didn’t know what to do? Everyone should read the math book you have for your grade. This book is full of equations, facts, mysteries, and comedy. One interesting feature in this book is the math scene where you write down math problems from your book. 
This book can and will help you with your math skills, like if you can’t find the common denominator for fractions, it is right in your book. The math book will give you better understandings of math. If your teacher does not explain a math skill clearly, you can look in your math textbook. You can learn a lot more than you're required to, which can lead to a better future.
Some people think that the math book is a waste of time, or not cool. If you know your math skills you will most likely graduate sooner, and get a good job like Mr. Heasley (he loves math), so you can teach math all the time. Or you can be a doctor, and get a good house, and have a great family. Another problem is that kids don’t want to do math they want to play outside or play video games, you can still play tag running around with your textbook in your hand, saying and memorizing math is the best way to go and still have fun.
You should pay your school mates who didn't study a little visit, because of your math textbook you were successful and they were not. So drop what you are doing and go do your homework, because once you're done you can read the math textbook!