Dear Parents & Guardians,

It was brought to my attention that one needed a Google account to view our class calendar. I understand that not all parents have this, but most people text and/or use email nowadays. Thus, to better communicate with my students and their families, I have created a Remind account. Remind is a one-way text messaging and email system. All personal information remains completely confidential. Neither other parents nor I will see your phone number. For more information, visit I will do my best to notify you about upcoming tests, due dates of big projects, volunteer opportunities, announcements, school/class events, etc. I encourage you and/or your child to sign up as soon as possible. I value your time and support, so I will try to only send important messages – probably just a few text messages each week. Since this is still new to me, I would appreciate your feedback. Below are directions to sign up different ways. If you have any difficulty with signing up or opting out, call or email me, and I will gladly walk you through the steps. I would be filled with joy and very grateful if all students and their parents enrolled in this free and helpful service.

Method 1:
Sign up to receive texts, emails, or both online here. It will take you to a page that looks like the one on the right. Type in your class code (i.e. heasley126 or heasley78). After joining, select how you want to receive messages. Type your phone number or email address, and that is where you will receive class reminders. You should have the messages sent to the device you use the most often. For example, I hardly go anywhere without my iPhone, so I personally would sign up to receive text messages.

Method 4:
You can also download the Remind app on your mobile device to receive the same messages. :)

Method 2:
To sign up to receive text messages from me, you can also text the code @heasley126 or @heasley78 to the phone number 81010. Then, reply with your first and last name if prompted to do so. Remind will only show me your name and not your phone number. Since Remind is a one-way messaging system, I will not receive any of your replies. To reply to me, you will have to call or email me the old-fashioned way. My contact information is below.

Method 3:
To receive the messages via email, you can send an email to or heasley126@mail.remind.comTo unsubscribe from receiving my messages at anytime, reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.