Below are the core values for our school and classroom:
  • Safety
  • Respect 
  • Responsibility

I believe in using positive reinforcement for rewarding expected behavior. Students who are trustworthy will be given more freedom to do things such as working in the hall, using classroom technology, and working with partners of their choice. Students who demonstrate our school values will also be given free time, Hues (our classroom currency) to purchase items from our Class Store on Friday (see picture at the bottom of the page), and other privileges. If all students help one another adhere to our school and classroom expectations, then the whole class will be rewarded with party points. In addition, I believe in implementing natural consequences for undesired behavior. Steps will be taken if students need extra support to ensure that they are adhering to the core values. Lunch duty, loss of privileges, parent conferences, and referrals are possible consequences.


Students are expected to always act in a safe manner. Unsafe language and actions will not be tolerated. For minor offenses like tipping in a chair, students might lose privileges. For major offenses (e.g. threatening others), students will be given referrals and sent to the principal’s office.

1. Students are expected to sit safely with chair’s legs flat on the floor.

If students tip in their chairs, I give reminders, but if the problem persists, they lose their chairs. Students in my class will break this habit this year. Students are also expected to sit down when they are eating. Furthermore, students are not allowed to sit on the tables at any time.

2. Students are expected to ask and sign out to use the restroom.

I need to know where all of my students are at all times in case we have an emergency or drill. For the same reason, students need to ask me first if they can use a computer in a different classroom, go to the office, or talk to another teacher.

3. Students are expected to walk inside the school with their hands to themselves.

This one is self-explanatory. I don’t want anyone hurting themselves or their classmates – especially since we walk up and down the stairs multiple times a day.

4. Students are expected to remain silent during emergency drills.

Students must line up in number order and remain quiet during all drills so that staff can take attendance and listen for updates on the situation. During a lockdown, it is especially important that students not talk, whisper, giggle, or make any sound effects. These are serious safety concerns.


It is important that students are respectful to one another, to all staff members, and to guests. Students need to come to class with a great attitude. Students who are polite, caring, and positive will have a great school year.

1. Students are expected to use appropriate language.

The classroom is a place for learning, so language should be academic and proper. Toilet humor and curse words will not be allowed in this classroom. 

2. Students are expected to walk and work quietly in the hall.

Sometimes, students earn the privilege of working in the hall. They will lose this privilege if they are unproductive or if they are disruptive to another class. 

3. Students are expected to be kind to others.

Every student in our classroom belongs, and it is important that everyone feels welcomed. Students need to call one another by their real names, share classroom materials and space, and respect others’ backgrounds and beliefs. During presentations, students must sit quietly and give the presenter their full attention.

4. Students are expected to follow directions given by all staff members.

If another staff member (e.g. teacher, administrator, secretary, teacher’s aide) asks a student to do something, s/he needs to do it. Arguing is not acceptable. If I am absent and there is a guest teacher, I expect that students will treat him or her the same way as they treat me. Guest teachers will not be familiar with all of our classroom policies, so it is important to be patient and helpful.


In middle school, students are becoming young adults and will be held accountable for their actions.

1. Students are expected to come to school on time and prepared.

The doors open in the morning at 8:00 AM. Although the bell rings at 8:10 AM, students will have a list of morning tasks (e.g. classroom jobs) to complete before that time, so it is vital that they go to class immediately after getting off the bus or going to breakfast. Students need to come to class prepared with all of their textbooks and journals. They are also expected to finish and turn in assignments if they did not finish them in class the previous day. If all students complete the morning tasks by 8:10 AM, the class will receive party points.

2. Students are expected to solve their own problems.

Tattling on one another is strongly discouraged. Instead, students should peacefully and respectfully resolve their own problems, learn from their mistakes, and move on. However, all bullying and safety concerns need to be reported to an adult.

3. Students are expected to keep their supplies organized.

Our supplies monitors will insure that supplies are organized at the end of the day, but all students will be expected to help maintain a clean and organized classroom throughout the school day. So that we can quickly and easily find supplies and papers, students’ cubbies, backpacks, binders, and desks need to be clean and organized. I will remind students to organize their cubbies a couple times a month. However, students will receive Hues if their cubbies are clean and organized during surprise inspections.

4. Students are expected to try their best.

Students need to put forth effort, consistently stay on task, produce quality work on time, manage time and resources to accomplish tasks, and actively participate in group activities.

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