Our class loves to make the Madagascar hissing cockroaches feel right at home.

Nice legs!

Here are some students working collaboratively on their mazes. It was fun watching the cockroaches find their way through the difficult mazes to their reward.

Llamas may like ham, but cockroaches LOVE cat food. 

This group reused old papers that were to be recycled anyway. Go green, or go home! :)

Students worked hard to make a-maze-ing creations. Well done!

This group wanted to know if cockroaches could slide down a ramp and sniff out the cat food on the bottom of it. Hooray for scientific inquiry! They learned that the cockroaches can even climb up steep inclined planes. Nice job, gentlemen!

Unfortunately, our largest and oldest cockroach, King Tut, passed away.

It was a very sad and difficult day for our class. Here are a group of students mourning the loss of King Tut after mummifying him.

During the memorial service, students paid tribute to King Tut by passing around the microphone to share memories of the dearly departed.

What's a proper funeral without Taps and a salute?

King Tut was conveniently an organ donor and donated his body to science! On October 31st, King Tut became Frankenroach, and students dissected him.

"Nurse, I need a scalpel!"

Here we have our future doctors and veterinarians. I'm so proud of these brave scientists!

These are King Tut's canopic jars. :)