Hi Parents & Guardians,

Throughout the school year, students go through several supplies. If you would like to donate supplies to your child's classroom, we would greatly appreciate it.
We always need pencils. The best brand is Ticonderoga. They cost more, but they last a long time, write better, and erase easily. From experience, I agree that they really are "the world's best pencil" on the market. 

Expo dry erase markers would be great, as well. We use Expo markers and mini whiteboards often in class.
We also need Scotch tape. Students use it on a daily basis for many purposes.

We go through paper plates very quickly in this class. My students are very competitive and tend to win competitions (e.g. Box Tops, ALS Challenge), so they earn pizza and other treats. However, we are usually not given plates, so we have had to be creative on some days. We could also use plates for when students bring in birthday treats. :)

Band-Aids are also in demand. On an average day, two students will need them.